Driving Economic Opportunity for our People.

Osage, LLC is one of our Nation’s economic engines. We seek out business ventures which align with our long-term strategic goals and generate opportunities for our people. But we don’t just wait for opportunities to come to us—we create them, through our commercial enterprises.

Delivering connection

We own a state-of-the-art broadband enterprising system, which delivers high-speed internet access to the rural communities many of our people call home. We’re opening up the world to our people, and powering economic development, cultural preservation, education, and communication.

Driving innovation 

We own Skyway 36, a future technology innovation zone four miles north of downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma. This fully refurbished and modernized airpark provides a variety of assets to tenants, including:

  • 400 acres of rural land owned by the Osage Nation
  • 3,000-sq. ft. concrete runway
  • Hangar space
  • Move-in ready office buildings classroom facilities